Fright Night 2020

Note to Viewer

Since I’ve elected to post the entire Fright Night 2020 book release party, instead of dividing it into separate segments, I believe a few instructive words are in order. First, to create the appropriate Halloween vibe, I presented a 30 minute Gothic–inspired DJ set before the main event. So if you want to skip this musical introduction, you can simply fast-forward to the 27:00 minute mark. (However, this does include a singular song, namely Black Sabbath’s nitro-fueled “Supernaut.”) Thus, if you want to skip the entire DJ set, you can skip to the 31:37 mark.

Now, the overall presentation consists of three distinct parts: method, style, and, finally, an overall interpretation of my work. Given this, I’ve chosen to provide the viewer with specific times clearly demarcating one part from the other. This way you can choose to watch one part at one time, and then another part at a different time. For instance, my discussion of various methodological concerns, which dominates the presentation, goes until the 1:17:25 minute mark. It is at this precise time – the 1:17:25 mark – I segue into stylistic concerns.

Then, at the 1:28:53 mark, I conclude my presentation by providing an overall interpretation.

Finally, my presentation officially ends at the 1:45:12 mark, at which time I sign off with a second DJ set, which runs for roughly 30 minutes;  this again, just like the first DJ set, is entirely optional.

I sincerely hope these directions prove to be helpful, and also hope you enjoy my presentation. As for myself, it was truly a memorable night. In fact, all the celestial bodies were perfectly aligned – it was a Blue Full Moon on Halloween night. Majical, indeed!

(October 31st, 2020)